Brothers hit big time, thanks to O'Bama

THE TRIO of brothers from Limerick who wrote a song heralding Barack Obama's Irish ancestry have signed a record deal with Universal, the world's largest record company.

The Corrigan Brothers from Castletroy, formerly known as Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys, recorded and released There's no-one as Irish as Barack O'Bama in April, and the song has subsequently become a sensation, attracting a slew of publicity on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ger Corrigan confirmed to the Limerick Leader that the Corrigan Brothers have "signed a deal with Universal for two singles and one album, with an option on a second album".

The Castletroy brothers, whose video has been seen by almost half a million people on the YouTube website, will join artists such as Metallica, The Killers, Guns n Roses and Irish artists U2, The Blizzards and Duke Special, on the roster at the label.

There's No One as Irish as Barack O'Bama is out on Friday, December 12.


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