Barrister Emmett O’Brien tops poll in Adare/Rathkeale

Emmett O'Brien topped the poll in Adare/Rathkeale [
Picture Brendan Gleeson]

Emmett O'Brien topped the poll in Adare/Rathkeale [ Picture Brendan Gleeson]


Independent candidate Emmett O’Brien has topped the poll in the Adare-Rathkeale electoral area with a overwhelming 2,270 first preferences.

Fine Gael’s Tom Neville was also declared elected on the first count with 1,873 votes.

Mr O’Brien is the third Independent to be elected to the new Limerick city and county council following the first count for the area late this Sunday night.

He said the response to his campaign was “fantastic” and was a vindication of the position he took to leave Fianna Fail and run as an Independent.

“It is a vote, I suppose, against family dynasties as well, a vote for renewal, a vote for fresh voices in the new authority for the city and county,” he said.

“It is a vindication of the 70 odd people who went out and canvassed for me for the last nine weeks. It is good for the area and it is in line with what is happening nationally - the trend of a move away from the two main parties, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. Basically, the parties have changed but the culture has remained the same, so people are tired of that old formula; they are looking for something fresh and it will be a positive development.”

Following the results of the first count which declared O’Brien and Neville elected, counting was adjourned for the night. With Stephen Keary getting 1,688 first preferences, less than 100 below the quota, it is likely he will be the next to be elected when counting resumes in the morning.




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