Alleged assault victim tells jury he got ‘slap of a plank’ from his brother

Limerick Circuit Court

Limerick Circuit Court


A SAINT Mary’s Park man who was seriously injured after he was allegedly attacked with a slash hook has said he sustained the injuries when his brother hit him with a plank.

David ‘Bunter’ Moran, 35, was giving evidence in the trial of Michael ‘Knap’ Ryan who is accused of intentionally or recklessly causing him serious harm during an incident in St Mary’s Park on October 21, 2012.

Mr Ryan, aged 24, of St Munchin’s Street, St Mary’s Park has pleaded not guilty to the charge and to a charge of assaulting Mr Moran, causing his harm on the same date.

Opening the trial at Limerick Circuit Court, John O’Sullivan BL, said it is the prosecution case that Mr Ryan attacked Mr Moran with a slash hook and that he sustained injuries, which “created a substantial risk of death or serious disfigurement”.

This Wednesday the jury of five women and six men was shown maps of the St Mary’s Park area.

The jury was also shown a number of photographs of the head injuries which Mr Moran allegedly sustained.

Det Garda Gerard Fitzgerald, of the divisional scenes of crime unit, said he took the photographs of Mr Moran’s injuries at his home two days after the alleged attack.

In his evidence, Mr Moran agreed the photographs were of his head and ear but he said he “can’t remember noting” as he is a heroin addict and is on heavy medication.

Initially, he told Mr O’Sullivan he didn’t know who had caused the injuries shown in the photographs but later said they were caused by his brother when he was drunk

“I got a slap of a plank off my brother because I was giving cheek to my mother,” he said.

Mr Moran said he had been drinking Budweiser with a number of other people “on the bank at The Island” on the night he was injured but that he couldn’t say how long ago it had happened.

“I gave cheek to my mother, he was entitled to hit me, I got over it,” he told the jury.

Mr Moran agreed with Mr O’Sullivan that he received treatment in hospital for his injuries but said he didn’t know what kind of medical attention he received.

Legal argument took place in the absence of the jury this Wednesday afternoon but Judge Carroll Moran has told the jurors that evidence in the trial will resume this Thursday morning.


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