Cllr Shane Clifford follows in father’s footsteps


Donal O’Regan

Shane Clifford secured the second seat in Limerick city east [Picture: Don Moloney / Press 22]
NEWLY elected first time councillor, Shane Clifford, said it is “time for change”.

NEWLY elected first time councillor, Shane Clifford, said it is “time for change”.

“New young Fianna Fail candidates have been backed very strongly by the electorate,” said the Castleconnell man, who was elected on the first count with 1,338 votes - 10 to spare - in Limerick city east.

“It feels fantastic. We sat down last September out in Castleconnell, we knew we needed representation, we knew we needed a councillor. I thought we had a great chance

“It is a great honour to be elected by the people of Limerick City East electoral area. It is fantastic that people have seen the mood for change in the country. We have seen some gains by Sinn Fein, we were not surprised at all how well they have done,” said Cllr Clifford, who is aged 39.

The son of former cathaoirleach and councillor for 22 years, John Clifford, said after the pounding Fianna Fail took at the last general election it was time for something positive.

“Instead of blaming everything on the last Government it was time to put forward positive ideas, put forward to the electorate an alternative - new ideas, a fresh voice, new blood.

“The electorate have sent a very strong message that they want new blood in Fianna Fail. I think the time is right for the old guard to step aside and for new Fianna Fail to move forwards,” said Cllr Clifford, who thanked all his voters and supporters from within and who weren’t Fianna Fail.