Limerick couple wanted a big family, now they have quadruplets!

Proud dad James Slattery with bundles of joy

Proud dad James Slattery with bundles of joy


A LIMERICK mum and dad are the happiest parents in Ireland this week as they show off their four bundles of joy to the world.

James and Grace Slattery, from Caherconlish, became the proud mum and dad of three beautiful girls and a bouncing baby boy on Monday.

Grace safely delivered each baby at the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin on Monday. Born within 1 minute apart at 3.54pm, 3.55pm, 3.56pm and 3.57pm, were Amelia Helen, 4.3lbs; Lucas James, 3.10lbs; Mollie Rose, 2.15lbs and Lily Grace May 3.4lbs.

Grace, whose waters broke unexpectedly, was due for a section the following morning, giving the family two hours to get from Limerick to Dublin. Her husband James luckily was present at the birth thanks to the gardai.

The proud “Quadfather” said: “I would have missed the birth if it was not for the fantastic gardai in Henry Street and their colleagues throughout the route in Nenagh, Roscrea, Portlaois and Dublin who escorted us to the Rotunda, I cannot thank them enough for their help,” said James.

As this has not been a normal pregnancy, Grace has been in hospital for the past eleven weeks, so it will be quite an adjustment for the family to get organized for the arrival of the babies’ home.

“We haven’t even found a stroller for four babies as everything has multiplied, we are trying to get as organised as possible as we know we are going to have our hands full,” stated James, who worked full-time with juggling trips to visit Grace and looking after son Josh, aged 13 and trying to get the house ready for the new arrivals.

This is a dream come through for the couple who have been married nearly four years and they have always wanted a big family. “We have went from a family of three to a family of seven. We are so thankful to everyone from family, friends, neighbours, doctors, staff and well-wishers for their support, prayers and hundreds of messages over the past few months, we are truly blessed,” says mum Grace.




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