St Munchin’s Community Centre steps up to the mark

Volunteers gathered in the kitchen at St Munchins community centre with Linda Ledger, centre manager

Volunteers gathered in the kitchen at St Munchins community centre with Linda Ledger, centre manager

  • by Nick Rabbitts

A COMMUNITY centre on the northside of the city has become a bastion of support for the hundreds of people affected by the worst storms to hit Limerick in years.

St Munchin’s Community Centre in Kileely opened throughout the weekend, and this week to deliver meals and essential goods to families in St Mary’s Park whose lives have been left devastated by the floods.

And the true spirit of Limerick people has also been shown with the creation of a Facebook group - limerick flood help and donations - in which people in need can request items, and those with things to offer can post them.

Almost 500 members have signed up since it was created.

Offers have already come in for baby clothes, buggies and cots, canned food, bedsheets, and even a television.

A group of students have also offered to try to source more items.

Star Rovers’s facilities on the King’s Island are being used to store such items, while city businesses - including Boot’s in William Street - have been quick to donate.

St Munchin’s Community Centre manager Linda Ledger said there is a groundswell of support.

“Normally we would make 180 dinners for the elderly people of the area. But we have also made 150 dinners for people in St Mary’s Park. People have been walking in off the street to help us,” she said.

“Yesterday [Sunday] it was things like toilet rolls, water, and paper cups. We just are on standby for whatever they need,” she explained.

The centre has acted as a rescue facility for the hundreds of people whose homes are left badly damaged.

“People were coming and were in shock. We left people come in, and washed and dried their clothes. They were saturated. Doctors and nurses were here giving out urgent prescriptions. Some people who were sitting and waiting for their families would not even take a cup of tea because they were so heartbroken,” Linda revealed.

From Monday, the St Mary’s action centre also reopened to help people in the estate.

Speaking at this week’s council meeting, Sinn Fein’s northside councillor Maurice Quinlivan said: “St Munchin’s once again proved they are the best community centre in the city. They just open their door whenever anything happens.”

To find the Facebook group online, type ‘limerick flood help and donations’ on www.facebook.com




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