Gardai investigate ‘abusive’ phone call to election candidate

Derek Mulcahy, who is running for Labour in City East, has received an abusive phone call after canvassing

Derek Mulcahy, who is running for Labour in City East, has received an abusive phone call after canvassing

  • by Nick Rabbitts

GARDAI have launched an investigation after a Labour local election hopeful was allegedly abused after going out on the canvass in the city.

Glasgow Park man Derek Mulcahy was canvassing the City East area in which he hopes to get elected in May’s election.

As some people were not at home, he dropped leaflets into houses, including some which asked for ‘no junk mail’ to be left.

But when he was at home with his family later on, he says he received a malicious call from someone who had picked up one of the leaflets.

It is for this reason he has made a statement at Roxboro garda station.

Mr Mulcahy – running in the election for a third time – said the caller engaged in foul and abusive language.

“Normally, I would not answer blocked numbers. But with the election coming up, I thought I would answer it. The person asked me ‘Is that Mulcahy?’. He told me I was f****** illiterate,” the Labour candidate said.

“I asked him his name, but obviously he didn’t give it. But what upset me more was when he threatened to ‘sort me out’,” he added.

Mr Mulcahy says he does not believe the material he left in people’s letterboxes is classed as junk mail.

“I have deliberately over the years knocked on doors and asked if people consider what I am putting in is junk mail, and every single person says ‘no, we don’t. I do not consider what I am putting in as junk mail. But regardless, no-one has the right to phone somebody else, verbally abuse them and threaten them,” he said, “It is outrageous, and I was quite upset by it. I don’t really understand it.”

He said the reason he has lodged a complaint with the gardai is to protect family and friends helping him in the upcoming local election.

“The reason I am doing this is that I have family and friends helping me in the election, as have other people running in the election, and nobody deserves to be abused by anybody,” he explained.

Mr Mulcahy has been a community activist for more than 25 years.


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