Drink, drugs and Limerick’s young: a special feature

Drugs report in this weekend's Limerick Leader

Drugs report in this weekend's Limerick Leader


PICK up this weekend’s Limerick Leader to read a three-page exclusive on Limerick’s youth drug and alcohol misuse.

The neatly designed news feature features a highly informative interview with Limerick’s most senior garda, Chief Superintendent David Sheahan, examining the rise and fall in abuse of certain drugs between 2007 and 2012.

An account of 12 to 17-year-olds’ drug and alcohol behaviour is discussed in an interview with Sergeant Seamus O’Neill, juvenile liaison officer in Mayorstone Garda Station.

The series of interviews also features the services provided to those who are impacted by substance misuse, according to David McPhillips of the Community Substance Misuse Team.

Ever want to know what happens in the life of a Limerick city drug dealer? This three-page special report has it, where our anonymous interviewee discusses his brush with the law and domestic issues.

For a great read on this culture of youth, drugs and alcohol, see the report in this weekend’s Limerick Leader. print editions, in shops now.




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