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November 7: More radical solution called for on crimes
What are we to make of Operation Thor, the initiative announced this week by Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald, which promises more resources to gardai in tackling the scourge of burglaries in the home? It was announced with fanfare, but it will take more than a high-profile launch to convince ordinary people who have never felt more vulnerable that they will safer in their homes as as result. That is because there is nowhere near enough detail in the Operation Thor, or evidence that the travelling gangs who have caused havoc and misery in this country will get what they deserve when found guilty – a long stretch behind bars, without the prospect of bail. In other words, a proper deterrent.

Patricia Feehily - Don't Mind Me

Don’t Mind Me; ‘The winds of change are still months away’
CALL it an inflated ego if you like but it was kind of cool, after decades of deadly menacing Charlies, Haiyans and Katrinas to finally have a real hurricane named Patricia. It wasn’t cool, of course, for the unfortunate Mexicans who found themselves last week in the path of the greatest piece of turbulence ever whipped up in the Western Hemisphere, but true to her name, Patricia was full of hot air and petered out the minute she made landfall. Just when I was wallowing in the reflected notoriety, Patricia was downgraded to a humiliating tropical depression. Typical! 1

Liam Croke - Making Cents


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