Limerick mum raises €4,000 for cancer research after mastectomy


Lorraine Fanneran, La Cucina, Castletroy

Brave: Lorraine Fanneran, La Cucina, Castletroy

  • by Anne Sheridan

A LIMERICK businesswoman and mother of two who recently underwent a mastectomy has raised nearly €4,000 for the medical team who treated her.

Lorraine Fanneran, 38, of the hugely popular Italian eaterie La Cucina in Castletroy, was diagnosed with breast cancer last October, and after writing a blog post about her experiences, has been inundated with messages of support after it received over 10,000 hits in recent months.

Lorraine said she had debated about writing this public piece, but after watching the RTE documentary Facing Cancer, which featured broadcaster Aine Lawlor, she decided that by telling her story it might also encourage other women to seek an examination and potentially save their life.

She has now raised in excess of €3,700 for Dr Michael Kerin and the team at the National Breast Cancer Research Institute in Galway who treated her.

“If my story can help one person, or eliminate the fear for women about the testing involved in the surgery it will be worth it. A couple of people have asked me do I want to share something so private with the world? Do I want everybody to know I lost my breast? Probably not, but then I asked myself, ‘why not’? It’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a fact of life you can get cancer; one in three will face cancer at some stage in their life, and that is a pretty scary statistic.”

Lorraine, who has since undergone reconstructive surgery, explained that she doesn’t have a family history of cancer, doesn’t smoke, and is fit and healthy.

She said she’s “fortunate” that it was caught early, and that she’s “not bitter or angry or asking why this has happened to me because it has, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.”

Details of how to donate and her full piece can be read here.




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