Key Limerick city site ‘not suitable for big retailer’

Council officials
Tom Enright

Council officials Tom Enright

  • by Nick Rabbitts

LIMERICK’s economic director Tom Enright has indicated the Opera Centre site is no longer suitable for a big multi-national retailer.

During the summer, Mr Enright said that he hoped to have a commitment from a top level retailer to move into the city by Christmas.

But speaking to the Limerick Leader this week, he said negotiations were still ongoing.

GVA Consultants are set to publish a new economic strategy for the city in the new year, with the contents going on public display in February.

And Mr Enright revealed that the Opera Centre site in Patrick Street - which has been heavily suggested as a home for British retailer Marks and Spencer - may not be suitable for this.

“There is a need to try and reinvigorate some exis-ting retail spaces. Certainly, while we have planning for major retail in the Opera site, what is emerging from our plan is that site is not really suitable for that level of retail. You would be talking about two of three major tenants together, plus 60 other shops,” he said.

Mr Enright said there is a need to reinvigorate certain city streets, and this will be in the plan.

He said: “I think once we have our plan in place, the first step to attract new retail into the city centre will come. There is a need to reinvigorate some existing retail spaces which are not performing particularly well, including Arthur’s Quay, which is probably past its best in terms of appearance, and Cruises Street, where 25% of the shops are vacant.”




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