Jobs boost as 3 Ireland invests in Limerick

3 Ireland is to create 90 jobs in Limerick

3 Ireland is to create 90 jobs in Limerick


TELECOMMUNICATIONS firm Three Ireland is to create almost 100 new jobs in Limerick it has been announced.

The company, which recently acquired rival firm O2 Ireland, is to increase the workforce at the former O2 call centre in Plassey from 350 to 440.

The company says the decision was made after it chose Limerick as the location of one of its preferred call centres dealing with customer enquiries and business transactions.

“This jobs announcement is also a positive reflection on all the existing employees in the call centre in Plassey who have a proven track record of hard work and professionalism,” said the Minister for Education and Skills, Jan O’Sullivan who added that Limerick has demonstrated in recent years its ability to continue to attract jobs in various sectors with a number of multinationals choosing Limerick to establish their operations.

“These much welcome additional jobs in 3 Ireland will contribute to improving our local economy while also helping all those agencies involved in attracting more companies to view existing similar type companies continuing to expand in Limerick,” she said.

While 90 new jobs are to be created in Limerick, around a dozen O2 workers are set to be made redundant due to the merger of the 02 and Three retail stores.

Both companies have stores at the Crescent and Parkway shopping centres as well as Cruises Street.

Commenting on the restructuring, Robert Finnegan, ceo of Three Ireland said: “These staffing changes are designed to redirect resources to enhance service and to ensure an efficient network that best serves our customer needs. We had signaled that integrating two businesses would inevitably result in some duplication of roles, and whereas we can’t side-step that challenge, we can and will ensure that departing staff are treated fairly and generously.”

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