Disposable income in Limerick higher than State average

The average disposable income in Limerick is �19,247 according to the CSO

The average disposable income in Limerick is �19,247 according to the CSO


RESIDENTS in Limerick have more disposable income than residents in 22 other counties in the State,

Research by the Central Statistics Office’s County Incomes and Regional GDP shows that the national average of disposable income is €19,055.

The level of disposable income in Limerick was down to €19,247 in 2011, from €20,555 in 2010, and from its peak of €21,972 in 2008/

Only four counties in the country have a higher than average disposable income, including Limerick, Cork at €19,465, Kildare at €19,779, and Dublin at €21,329, where residents have 11.9% more disposable income than the average person in the State.

Donegal was the county where residents had the lowest average disposable income, at €15,897 per person, ahead of Monaghan (€16,261) and Roscommon (€16,392).

The CSO defines disposable income as primary income (which includes wages, self-employed earnings, rental income, net interest and dividends earned) plus social benefits and transfers less taxes and social insurance contributions.

The study shows that residents of south Tipperary had more disposable income than those in North Tipperary; the average in Cork (€19,465) was well in excess of that in nearby Kerry (€17,016); and disposable incomes in Wicklow (€18,754) were more than €1,000 higher than in neighbouring Wexford (€17,525).




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